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  • Firelife Safety/Construction Safety looking over plans of a building being constructed and checking to make sure all Fire Codes are adhered to properly.
  • Licensed asbestos inspector obtaining a sample of suspect building material for testing.
  • Checking the Fire alarm Panel during a fire drill.
  • Certified contractor is conducting the annual inspection on an overhead crane.
  • astrill吧
  • Respirator Fit Test

Welcome to Environmental Health and Safety, a department of the Office of Safety and Security within the Division of Finance and Operations. The EHS team of safety, health, and environmental professionals is focused on helping Texas A&M University to fulfill its mission of “providing the highest quality undergraduate and graduate programs” and “developing new understandings through research and creativity.”

Environmental Health and Safety supports and enriches Texas A&M University by providing quality programs and services that instill safety, health, and environmental stewardship.


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We pledge to ensure that Texas A&M University provides the highest standard in health, safety, and environmental protection.

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Safety – We believe safety is paramount.

Communication – We provide education and assistance.

astrill安装 – We work together to achieve excellence.

Integrity – We value respect, virtue, and professionalism.

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